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The Psychology of Success. Tom Wood and Les Brown challenge you to examine the impact your thoughts have on the results in your life.; Les Brown; Personal Development; Tom Wood; achievement; leadership; motivation; psychology; success; The Power of Goal Setting. Tom Wood and John Naber inspire you to paint a picture of what your dream-come-true looks like and guide you in creating a realistic map to get there.; Goal Setting; John Naber; Personal Development; Tom Wood; achievement; dream; inspiration; leadership; motivation; personal growth; psychology; The Slight Edge. Tom Wood and Jim Cathcart will explain what "The Slight Edge" is and give you one question to ask on a daily basis that can help create massive success in your life. ; Jim Cathcart; Personal Development; The Slight Edge; achievement; leadership; motivation; personal growth; psychology; success; Taking Personal Responsibility. Tom Wood and John Foppe show how taking personal responsibility in every area of your life gives you the power to take control of the direction your life takes.; John Foppe; Personal Development; Responsibility; Tom Wood; achievement; inspiration; motivation; success; The Power of Associations. Tom wood explains what he calls "the hidden blocker to success" and Darren Hardy explains how "the YOU Factor" determines the difference between winners and losers.; Associations; Darren Hardy; Personal Development; Tom Wood; You Factor; achievement; motivation; success; success blockers; The Unlimited Power of Belief. Tom Wood and Dr. Janet Lapp explain the impact that faith has on the level of your success.; Belief; Dr. Janet Lapp; Personal Development; Tom Wood; faith; motivation; success; How to Take Action. Tom Wood gives you steps to follow in order to take effective action and Dr. Barbara De Angelis gives you one action to take to ask in your relationships to take them to the next level.; Dr. Barabra De Angelis; Responsibility; action; inspiration; psychology; relationships; success; The first 7 days of a 30 day adventure in learning from 28 leading world-class experts in wealth, health, relationships, leadership and living a full life! http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid474419127http://www.brightcove.com/channel.jsp?channel=37137147